Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Technology Transfer is accountable to the Dean of the College with responsibilities for leading, coordinating and facilitating the College’s research and technology transfer program.


The Major tasks of the Office of Associate Dean for Research and Technology Transfer are to:

  • Supporting, coordinating and overseeing the publications of the College
  • Establish a system of research and outreach service management for the College
  • Attract research grants addressing issues of national concern and facilitating the conduct of strategic research on legal related matters
  • Promote interdisciplinary and collaborative thematic research projects that can have a major impact on national development;
  • Build strong, productive University-industry collaborations and relationships with industry partners of the College nationally and internationally;
  • Plan, promote and carryout close work relations and linkages with appropriate government research and development agencies/institutions;
  • Facilitate periodic research conferences on law-related topics dealing with national and international issues and research problems.

The following thematic research publications of the School of Law are published under the direct supervision of the Office

  • Ethiopian Constitutional and Public Law Series
  • Ethiopian Civil and Commercial Law Series
  • Ethiopian Human Rights Law Series
  • International Law Series

The Office also works closely with the coordinator for the Journal of Ethiopian Law, a flagship publication of the School of Law