AAU School of Law Receives Moot Court Competition Winner’s Trophy

Addis Ababa University (AAU) School of Law received the 2022 national moot court competition winner’s trophy and recognized the winning team at the main campus on the 25th of May 2022.

Getachew Aseffa (PhD), Dean for College of Law and Governance Studies of AAU, congratulated the winning team that brought the trophy and expressed his proud feeling on behalf of the University community at large and the Law School in particular.

Dr. Getachew stated that the team has discharged its responsibility properly with all possible sacrifice of great determination shouldering the whole burden of all actors in the School by passing many sleepless nights.

Moot court completion, according to Dr. Getachew, is a means of practicing the real job that learners are expected to do it practical after graduation for law students. “This is a method of our capacity building while we are at the School,” he added.

According to Dr. Getachew, the competition has given the opportunity of being recognized where the capacity of the University in terms of law education and related issues is.

The result succeeded by the team will encourage what the Law School is intending to revitalize its activities in the future and this winning culture should be transferred to the coming generation of law students in the School, Dr. Getachew said.

“One of the benefits of learning the law is to understand the responsibility of persuading oneself to get what we want through legal litigation. Any point what we disagree with and that we cannot decide on it is to be given to the arbitrator. This concept gives the opportunity to accept and respect decisions without attempting by force or violence,” he finally stressed.

Jetu Edosa, the coach as well as the leader of the winning team from Law School, on his part said that though the team had not enough time for preparation, they did it in short time with great determination and came back with the success emblem of the trophy winning the whole contest.

“I could understand how really our students are learning on the right track of law education; I could see students’ commitment; we could see the grace and the reputation that AAU is given by others; we could see how language proficiency is vital in the art of law; we could see that inter batch moot completion is important for the future,” Jetu summarized the whole scene this way.

Members of the AAU’s moot court completion winning team: Bethlehem Getaneh, Yohannes Shimelis and Yordanos Nega, in an exclusive interview with the staff reporters viewed that all educated personnel have ideas internally but the matter is how to deliver them out to others in attractive manners as well as short and precise ways.

“We computed in all sides as applicants, respondents and defendants; the way we deliver a presentation or speech matters whatever a knowledge we have; knowledge and self-confidence are always crucial to win a competition. We are proud of winning the trophy and thankful for the Law School and the University in general for giving us this recognition,” the team said with full respect.

It is recalled that a Moot Court Competition Team from Addis Ababa University School of Law won the 2022 National Refugee Law Moot Court Competition hosted by Hawassa University conducted from May 12 -15, 2022.