Courses offered in the prevailing modular LL.B. curriculum are:

Introduction to Law, Legal History and Traditions, Introduction to Ethiopian Legal System, Customary Law, Law of Persons, Family Law, Law of Successions, Introduction to Logic, Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Federalism, Administrative Law, Law of Contracts, Law of Extra-Contractual Liability, Psychology and Forensic Science, Sociology and Criminology, General Property Law, Intellectual Property Law, Land Law, Criminal Law, Law of Administrative Contracts, Law of Agency, Law of Sales, Law of Security Devices, Law of Traders and Business Organizations, Tax Law, Laws of Procedure, Law of Criminal Procedure, Law of Civil Procedure, Law of Evidence, Conflict of Laws, Legal Drafting, Legal Writing, Legislative Drafting, Law of Insurance, Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments, Public International Law, International Trade Law, Investment Law, Environmental Law, Water Law, Human Rights Law, African Union and Human Rights Law, Gender and Law, Pre-Trial, Trial and Appellate Advocacy / Moot Court, Legal Clinics, Legal Ethics, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Senior Thesis, Exit Exam I/II, and Externship.